Mansour Bassiri, PhD – founder, President & CEO

    Mansour Bassiri is founder and CEO of Bioxiness Pharmaceuticals, Inc., which he founded in 2007. He has 20 years’ research experience and 13 years’ industry experience discovering and developing novel antimicrobial drugs. Bassiri is the lead inventor on the issued Bioxiness patent (2013) and on all other Bioxiness patents currently under prosecution.

    In 2000 Bassiri co-founded NovaBay (NASDAQ: NBY) where he served as Senior Director of Microbiology and Cell Biology (2000-2006). At NovaBay he discovered a new class of antimicrobial small molecules. Bassiri led the team that translated discovery into the topical clinical candidates, NVC-101and NVC-422, for treatment of infected wounds and urological and ophthalmic infections, respectively.

    From 2006-2007 Bassiri served as Vice President of Wound Healing Research and Development at Stemnion, LLC, Pittsburgh, PA. In 2012, he became an industry consultant to the translational advisory group at University of California San Francisco (UCSF). In 2014 Bassiri became an expert panel member for the European Society for Translational Medicine (EUSTM).

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    Clint Severson, CEO of Abaxis, Inc. – Chairman, Bioxiness Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Board of Directors

    Clint Severson serves as Chairman of Bioxiness Pharmaceuticals, Inc.’s Board of Directors.
    Since 1996, Clint has served as Chairman, President & CEO of Abaxis, Inc. (Union City, CA). Abaxis (NASDAQ: ABAX) develops and sells point-of-care blood laboratory systems for medical and veterinary diagnostic applications. He has over 30 years’ experience in the medical diagnostics industry.

    From 1989-1996, Clint served as President and Chief Executive Officer of MAST Immunosystems, Inc. He previously held executive positions at 3M Diagnostic Systems (1984-1989) and at Syva (1978-1984). Clint’s other current Board positions include Non-executive Director at Trinity Biotech plc (2008-present) and Board Member at Response Biomedical Corp. (2011-present). Previous Board positions include CytoCore, IntelliDx, and LXN Corp.

    In 2007 Clint received the prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year award from Forbes Magazine. He holds a Bachelors of Business Administration from Minot State University in 1973.

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    Richard Gless, PhD – Acting VP, Chemistry

    Leading BXN’s medicinal chemistry optimization is Dr. Richard Gless, who has over 25 years of industry experience in all aspects of small molecule drug discovery from initial, small scale hit identification efforts (standard medicinal chemistry and combinatorial chemistry), to hit-to-lead optimization, radiochemistry, initial scale-up, and development of manufacturing processes.

    Dr. Gless was previously VP of Chemistry at Arete Therapeutics (2005-2009) and served as VP of Chemistry at Galileo Pharmaceuticals (2003-2004).  Prior to that he was VP of Chemistry and General Manager at Signature BioScience (2001-2003) and acted as VP of Chemistry, Cambridge Discovery Chemistry (2000-2001). Dr. Gless was Group Supervisor, Group Leader, Research Chemist, and Assoc. Research Chemist at Zeneca from 1978 – 1999.  While at Zeneca, he developed or supervised programs developing commercial manufacturing processes for a number of biologically active compounds including orphan tyrosinemia and transplantation-rejection drug nitisinone (Orfadine®). At the US site of the UK-based CRO Cambridge Discovery Chemistry, he supervised contract chemistry research for a number of large pharmaceutical companies around a variety of disease targets.  At startups Signature BioSciences, Galileo Pharmaceuticals and Arete Therapeutics, he supervised medicinal chemistry programs both in-house and at overseas CROs in India, Korea, and Singapore targeting oncology, inflammation, cardiovascular, and metabolic disease. For Arete’s clinical candidate AR9281, he supervised route development at a US CRO, wrote the CMC portion of Arete’s IND, and oversaw various subsequent drug substance and drug product CMC functions.

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    Scientific Advisors

    The following individuals are contributing as scientific advisors to the successful commercialization of Bioxiness’ novel drugs:

    • Paul Luciw, PhD, UC Davis, Chairman, Scientific Advisory Board
    • Bruce Ames, PhD, UC Berkeley (expertise - antimicrobial discovery)
    • Michael Goodson, PhD, UC Davis (expertise – biochemistry, cell biology)
    • John Hershey, PhD, UC Davis (expertise – protein biosynthesis)
    • Hiroshi Nikaido, MD, UC Berkeley (drug transport "efflux pump", bacterial resistance)
    • Martin Robson, MD, University of South Florida (clinical development)
    • Albert T. Sheldon, PhD, Former FDA Microbiology Supervisor/Center for Drug Evaluation & Research (regulatory affairs)



    Bioxiness has ongoing productive collaborations with the University of California, Davis (Davis, CA), UC Berkeley and Pacific BioLabs, Inc. (Hercules, CA).  These collaborations build on prior relationships that helped advance new drugs in the founder’s previous company.

    In late 2014 Bioxiness entered into a Collaborative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Disease (USAMRIID).


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